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For thirteen years, Jody ‘Babydol’ Gibson, known only as “Sasha” owned and operated one of the largest and most exclusive Escort services in the world,spanning over 16 states in the US and Europe. Dubbed the Hollywood Super Madam, “Sasha” employed over 300 girls, including the infamous Heidi Fleiss, and catered to over 1,000 clients worldwide. In April, 2000, Gibson was arrested and convicted and subsequently sentenced to three years in Chowchilla prison-the most severe, maximum security women’s prison in California with death row inmates. Clearly, there was a hidden ‘political agenda’ that surrounded her entire trial as it was an election year and she had no priors or arrests; her family had been told she would be going to a 'boot camp for first timers.

Raised in the affluent suburbs of Westchester County, New York, Gibson was born into privilege and ‘showbiz.’ Her mother was a personal talent manager who gained notoriety when she discovered a then unknown actor named Tom Cruise ( ie; "Tom Cruise" by Andrew Morton); her sister was an Emmy-nominated actress; her Aunt Georgia Gibbs was a famous recording artist whose Gold Records sold millions earning her a star on Hollywood Boulevard’s “Walk of Fame.” It was her success that inspired Jody to pursue a recording career. Upon high school graduation, Jody left the comforts of Westchester and headed for Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of pop stardom.

The entrepreneurial Jody opened a legitimate modeling agency which was the most natural thing for her to do having helped her manager mother. With finances seemingly under control, she began to focus on her dream of a recording career. ( see for music/history )

As business at the modeling agency continued to grow, Jody found that her corporate clients wanted ‘dates’ with the models; models wanted ‘dates’ with the corporate clients; no one had any objection as the modeling agency began to morph into an escort service. With the birth of her now infamous “California Dreamin’” website which displayed photos of the available models, coupled with her foray into the world of Playboy Playmates after landing a casting job for Playboy Videos, the ‘modeling agency’ became a global escort empire. Large amounts of income began to pour in and Jody was now able to subsidize her real ambition of becoming a recording artist; enjoying complete creative control and even purchasing her own ‘Babydol’ billboard on Sunset Boulevard – ultimately forcing her to lead a ‘double-life’ as ‘Sasha’ and ‘Babydol’.

Keeping these two lives completely separate was paramount and tumultuous.

‘Babydol’ was weaving in and out of record deals while ‘Sasha’ was running her empire; evading the watchful eye of law enforcement, until her capture in 2000.The rest is history; (see BOOKS).

The release of her controversial book "Secrets of a Hollywood Super Madam" chronicles her fascinating journey, the celebrity clients,007 experiences evading law enforcement, her hellacious experience through the most severe prison in the state of California, and most importantly- her ability to survive it all.

Ms. Gibson has been a welcome and articulate guest on: Larry King Live, Geraldo at Large, Glen Beck,The Today Show, Kimberly Guillfoyle "The Line Up",John Gibson, Extra, Dan Abrams, Court TV,Showbiz Tonight,Mike and Julliet in the Morning,Inside Edition,Tyra Banks,Chelsea Lately,Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Howard Stern, E Entertainment, CNN News, FOX News, ABC News,NBC News,Rick Dees, etc. and continues to be a requested interview. (see

Ms. Gibson has authored other fascinating books such as: "Sex on the Internet", “Seduced-Diary of a Double Dealing Spy”; and has been a contributing writer for “Maxim Magazine”, “Hollywood Today”; she resides as Publisher & Editor-in-Chief at Corona Books and Music (see all books currently available on

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